Handbook Policy Agreement

Please read the Handbook listed below before agreeing to the policies.

Singer & Family Handbook

“We circle the Earth,
Together we remember that music plays
an important part in healing our world.

With our love for this planet,
we strive to create music of the highest quality.

 Rhythm is the heartbeat.
Melody is unique sound of each one of us.

Harmony is the kairos moment;
The joining of all the parts to form music, 

where we remember that we are all connected, and this memory is vitally
important to the future of our world.

 (Sung): We sing of love, sing of joy, we sing of peace……..”
Kairos Creed

Version 2.0 – September 2022

Welcome to Kairos! 

Whether you are a new or returning member, please read this booklet to the end. We hope that at the completion, you will be filled with great wisdom about all things Kairos! Your agreement and cooperation with all of the details shared here are essential for successful participation. “It takes a village” to raise a choir, and you and your singer are vital to the music!

“Kairos….disciplined ethereal shine…” —San Francisco Classical Voice

1. Mission

We welcome your family into the Kairos Youth Choir community of singers! Kairos Youth Choir seeks to nourish and instill in our choristers these enduring qualities: musicality, harmony, appreciation of the vast diversity of the human spirit and culture through song along with the development of individual qualities of honesty, courage, resourcefulness, generosity, kindness, and respect for the thoughts and feelings of others.

We encourage choristers to be adventurous and to seek challenges, to enjoy the pursuit and exchange of ideas offered by a wide range of music, and to experience the profound joy of using an excellent voice to contribute to their community. Kairos Youth Choir is committed to a firm sense of community, connecting the lives and interests of its members, families, and faculty. We sustain a wide circle of youth and adults who contribute a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and points of view. Your chorister and your family are part of this exciting and meaningful experience.

2. Program Overview
Our choir serves children from 6 to 14 with some exceptions. Placement and advancement within the different choral groups depends on the child’s readiness and musical understanding of theory and vocal technique. Equally important in the child’s evolution is his/her/their capacity to follow guidance as well as social behavior within the ensemble. The program teaches vocal development and musicianship, with a focus on how learning these skills can deepen and express our humanity. All choir education reflects an approach designed to nurture leadership, sensitivity, independence and self-discipline. With the common interest in music, choir members build relationships, which often grow into lifetime friendships.

The Avghie Chorus – Avghie: Greek, “Sunrise”
For newly developing choristers at the “sunrise” of their technical musical discoveries. The emphasis is on beginning singing technique and foundations of music theory. Singers are encouraged to attend twice a week, but may also choose a once-a-week option.

The Anthos Chorus – Anthos: Greek, “Blossom”
For more experienced beginning choristers with some musical background and those entering the choir in the 4th through 6th grade. The emphasis is on furthering development of music theory and singing techniques, beginning two-part singing, enhancing self-expression and performance skills. Singers are encouraged to attend twice a week, but may also choose a once-a-week option.

The Aphaia Chorus – Aphaia: Greek, “Goddess of Light”
For intermediate and advanced choristers. The emphasis is on furthering vocal development, learning part-singing, music theory, and music history, developing theater and acting skills, and working on community-building. Singers are encouraged to attend twice a week, but may also choose a once-a-week option.

The Agape Chorus – Agape: Greek, “Love”
For advanced choristers who are encouraged to deepen their love of music, teamwork, friendship, and quality singing–bringing all of the elements together! Agape singers are selected by staff & leaders taking note of student’s progress. Agape members are required to attend twice a week.

Auxiliary Agape
In some circumstances, after being awarded the Agape Chorus honor, families are unable to make the twice-a-week commitment despite the singer’s desire and dedication to do so. In this case, staff will re-evaluate their status to determine singers will be called upon for specialized performances and designated as “Auxiliary Agape” members or remain as valued members of the Aphaia Chorus until they are able to make the commitment to attend twice-a-week.

2.1 Growth Steps
Children develop at different rates. Some will advance rapidly through the groups, while others will want to spend more time solidifying skills. In this way, we tailor the musical education to the individual child. A “growth step” can mean both advancing to another group or becoming a leader within the same group. Age is not the definitive factor determining when children take a growth step to the next stage. Staff evaluates students on the basis of vocal development, social-emotional readiness, knowledge of basic music theory, ability to move to the next experience of singing more complex repertoire, and consistent attendance and/or active communication regarding needed absences.
Singers or family members may challenge or request for a singer to be a part of a different ensemble at any time. Kairos music staff is happy to provide feedback and have an open dialogue about what are the singers best next steps for musical growth.

3. Guest Artists
Kairos students are given opportunities to work with guest conductors, vocal coaches and Choreographers, theater directors and other inspiring professionals as a regular part of its program. Emphasis on the exposure to leaders in the field is an important part of our mission.
For most benefit, attendance at workshops and/or related events is encouraged.

4. Member Agreement & Musical Responsibility
Students are required to sign a member agreement that reflects their commitment to Kairos. We encourage choristers to learn their music at home so that rehearsal time can be spent on refining vocal technique and musical interpretation. Parents are asked to help students to design an effective, regular practice schedule. Quite often this will happen spontaneously with happy singers. It does not need to be arduous or long, especially at the younger ages. A routine of regular attendance helps to establish a positive habit.

5. Music Library Materials
Choristers are issued choral sheet music and other materials on loan from the Kairos Youth Choir library. These materials must be returned to the Director in good condition on request during the year and at the conclusion of the choral year. Any marks made on the music, including name, should be done in pencil.
Unless otherwise notified, choristers are expected to bring COMPLETE music packet, pencils, and music theory materials to ALL rehearsals and classes. Choristers are given a Kairos choral folder when they join the choir. They have the option to leave music folders at choir, and to take them home when required memorization assignments are made. If this briefcase and folder are lost, replacements may be purchased for $25.00.

6. Attendance & Punctuality
“90% of all success is just showing up!”  -Woody Allen, Actor Comedian
Regular rehearsals are Tuesday and Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:15 PM. Choristers should aim to arrive fifteen minutes early at 4:15 p.m. so that rehearsal will begin promptly. Consistent and timely attendance at rehearsals is essential to fostering the quality and camaraderie of Kairos Youth Choir. Please give us advance warning if you need to miss a rehearsal or arrive late; this will also ensure the safety of our children. Student assistants will take attendance.
Rehearsals end at 6:15 p.m. unless otherwise scheduled. The singer MUST sign-out with a member of the staff before joining their parent. Prior to leaving, singers are requested to clean up, beautify, and restore the facilities to a better condition than we found them in.

6.1 Consistency  Reliability and commitment are core values that we emphasize, as well as a sense of responsibility to the larger group. For this reason, we urge parents to make every effort to have your singer present for all rehearsals. Consistent attendance is crucial to your child’s musical development and will also allow them to advance through the groups with the joy of success and, possibly, take on leadership roles. Singing is healthy for body, mind and spirit, and the cumulative effects are the most noteworthy & positively life-changing!
During the musical theatre part of our program, priority casting for the musicals is given to those who are able to make the commitment to twice-a-week attendance. This is for consistent rehearsal in bringing together all of the techniques: Singing, acting, stage direction, choreography, with both solo & choral ensembles.

6.2 Dress Rehearsals Attendance is especially essential leading up to concerts. Please plan to keep the schedule available during the TECH week before a concert or musical. The dress rehearsals (last rehearsals before a performance) are mandatory. This means that, barring illness or emergency, absences will not be granted for missing dress rehearsals without prior notice and/or approval from staff, and will likely affect the assignment of solos or specific casting.

6.3 Communication of Needed Absence – Please notify Kairos office as soon as possible if your singer needs to miss a rehearsal. To report an absence of any kind, you must request excusal from the Music Staff. To do so, please send an email to kairoschoir@gmail.com. This also applies to vacations or school-related events apart from the regular schedule. Please inform staff a minimum of four weeks in advance of planned absence. Extra-curricular activities must be requested at least three weeks before planned absence and must be approved by the Music Staff to be considered as excused. To report a same-day absence due to illness or emergency after 4 pm on the day of rehearsal, a parent needs to inform Kairos by calling or texting Evy Ibarra (Communications Manager) at 510-414-1214 before the rehearsal is scheduled to begin AND send an email to kairoschoir@gmail.com. Same-day absences reported by students will not be excused unless confirmed by a parent.

6.4 Performances – Mandatory Attendance! Notify the Music Director/Conductor in writing by email two months prior if you must miss a concert.

6.5 Fall RetreatMandatory Attendance: Participation in the intensive retreat is required. It is a time when much of the music for the coming season is learned, and the choir members bond into a tightly knit ensemble. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! Expenses for the Fall retreat are included in tuition. You must notify the Musical Director at least three weeks in advance of any conflict. Staff will consider how to help on a case-by-case basis. In the case of schedule conflicts, we recommend attending at least part of the retreat time.

6.6 Concert Tours – Every two to three years or more, Kairos participates in an international concert tour. Some of our singers greatest experiences have come through celebrating successful and life-enriching concert tours in 2000, 2008, 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2017. At the beginning of the academic season, we announce Kairos Tour plans for the following summer, and ask families to express their intention to participate by taking a survey. Once we are closer to confirming a tour, we ask for the next step of paying a down-payment. Once the tour is confirmed, the deposit will be applied to tour tuition, and becomes non-refundable. It is suggested that families purchase travel insurance in case of the need to change plans in an unexpected circumstance.

7. Leave of Absence
Choir members are granted a status called “Leave of Absence” if they have been proven dedicated members of the choral ensemble for a semester or year, and need to leave for a designated period of time yet would like to return and maintain their prior standing & status within the ensemble. Members offered this privilege would not need to re-audition for entrance in Kairos upon return. Usually music staff will hear the returning singer for changes in their development and direction on how to continue the chorus moving forward. Written requests for “Leave of Absence” allows the choir to prepare for the singer’s reunion, by offering coaching and/or assistance as needed to rejoin at the right time. Decisions for LOA are determined by Choir staff in communication with choir member’s parents.

8. Concert Dress and Uniforms
We show respect for the art of music and for our audiences through concert dress. Along with creating beautiful sound, the goal of a choral ensemble is to create visual harmony through unified attire. Choir members thus get a chance to learn about formal concert protocol. We recommend teaching that formal concert dress does not need to be uncomfortable! Choosing low-heeled shoes, fabrics that are breathable and items with the right fit help kids to find their ease in this special attire. It is important to think of dress for a concert in the same way that we might consider characters in a play wearing costumes. It is what helps the whole event sparkle, shine and convey the magic to the audience.

8.1  Formal Concert Wear –  Uniform for Anthos, Aphaia, and Agape:

These three ensembles have their own vest colors–Agape (green), Aphaia (blue), Anthos (silver), Avghie choristers: black Kairos sweatshirt with a white polo shirt. These items are purchased through Kairos. Additionally there are concert tour dresses which are utilized by the Aphaia & Agape ensemble members who identify as female gender.

8.2 All Choir Members Wear (these items are supplied by families):

  • Either black dress pants or a black dress skirt with black tights (if pants, black dress belt included)
  • Black dress shoes (closed toe; no boots or sneakers) with black socks (or tights with skirts-NO LEGGINGS).
  • White tuxedo shirt and chorus vest (Anthos, Aphaia & Agape-see above)
  • Avghie Choristers: black Kairos sweatshirt with a white polo shirt.

8.3 For less formal events (decided and indicated by choir staff):

  • Teal Kairos tee shirt, instead of the tuxedo shirt and chorus vest.
  • Formal Concert black pants, belts, socks, or skirts, tights and dress shoes, as above

All uniform items will be available for purchase at the beginning of the year. As children grow, a gently used costume will be provided for free, in exchange for the old one.
Once accepted into the choir, each member will be expected to assemble the bottom half of the concert uniform, that is, the formal concert black as above: skirt & black tights or dress pants & black socks, both with concert black closed-toed dress shoes (no boots or sneakers). 

8.4 Make Way for Growing Kids!:  At the beginning of each semester and before each concert, parents need to verify that the concert black attire and the uniform still fits. (Words from a stunned parent: “hey, what happened to those pants you wore last week, they seemed to have shrunk three inches in length??”lol…)  On concert days, unless otherwise specified, it is expected that singers arrive at the warm-up in CONCERT DRESS and when indoors, remove outdoor jackets or sweaters before going onstage.
Our staff and volunteers will make every effort to provide gently used or spare uniform items in case the students don’t have one for the concert. It is the parents/students responsibility to advance notice on this.

There is a costume fee of $20 for the spring musical theater. 

9. Kairos Student Code of Conduct
To ensure the maximum opportunity for students to benefit from their choral experience, Kairos encourages an environment that promotes self-control and empathy towards and respect for others. Disruptive behavior is not tolerated. In support of these goals, the following guidelines should be read and agreed to by both parents and chorister. If a choir member fails to abide by these rules, he or she may be asked to leave the choir. 

10. Rehearsal Guidelines & Expectations 

  1. Singers arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to sign in and warm up. Please see attendance policy for guidelines regarding tardiness and absences. Students are allowed to arrive at the rehearsal site as early as 4:00 p.m., and earlier only if accompanied by a parent or by prior notification with Kairos staff.
  2.  Pay attention, even when your ensemble is not rehearsing something at that moment. Do not talk or chat out of turn during rehearsal – your attention should be on the conductor and fellow choristers. At the appropriate time(s) request communication opportunities with raised hands.
  3.  Kairos maintains a no electronic devices policy. They are not permitted for use during choir time unless permission requested and granted for urgent or necessary communication.
  4.  For singers’ safety, no gum chewing is allowed.
  5.  Homework is not done during rehearsal except during scheduled breaks or unless given permission by Conductors.
  6.  Bring your music, a pencil and a water bottle to every rehearsal.
  7.  Behave safely and respectfully in every facility that the choir is using. This means no playing on stairs, or bathrooms, running in the building, or other similar disruptive behavior. Kairos has access to: the Fellowship Hall (Thursday), the Sanctuary (Tuesday) (between 4:30 to 7:00 PM) and Room 14 (Kids Fellowship Room). Under no circumstances will students be allowed to enter Epworth spaces, unless accompanied and permitted by a member of the staff.
  8. Snack. Food of any kind is NOT ALLOWED when rehearsals are in progress; no food allowed in the Sanctuary  or Fellowship Hall.  
  9. Choristers are offered a 15 minute break and may bring or purchase a snack from the Kairos Store. Parents will sign-up up to provide snacks for singers on Tuesdays. All trash must be picked up and/or recycled before students are dismissed. 
  10. Singers are responsible for cleaning up water bottles, snack and any other things in disarray. All trash must be picked up and/or recycled before students are dismissed.  It is the responsibility of the choir member to check to be sure he or she has all her belongings. Kairos keeps a “lost & found” for limited time periods outside the office door.
  11.  Exercise self-control during rehearsals, breaks, concerts, etc. This means cooperating with other choir members and staff.
  12.  Speak respectfully to peers and adults. Use appropriate language during rehearsals, concerts, breaks, and other times when representing Kairos. Inappropriate comments or sounds during concerts or rehearsals will not be permitted.
  13.  Listen, be respectful, and follow the directions of adults and student staff in charge. This includes parent volunteers who are empowered by Kairos to help with snack and rehearsal breaks. A polite and positive attitude towards those helping at choir is expected at all times.
  14.  It is required that choir members are considerate of the feelings of others. Kairos does not tolerate bullying in any form, including, but not limited to teasing or making fun of others.
  15.  Fighting and / or engaging in aggressive or provocative behavior will not be permitted.
  16.  Kairos maintains a smoke, drug, and alcohol-free environment at all times.

10.1 Kairos Code of Conduct in a Nutshell:

Be polite
Be respectful
Listen with an open mind Follow all safety rules
Laugh with people – not at people
Express your opinion positively (at appropriate time & place)
Respect the thoughts of others even if you don’t agree
Watch out for each other and make sure everyone feels included
Treat others the way you want to be treated
Have fun! 

10.2 Kairos Concert and Tour Code of Conduct 

 Each member represents Kairos Youth Choir, and as a chorus we are singing ambassadors for our community and our country. Our behavior on tour will be observed by others and will reflect upon us all. We would like to convey a winning positive attitude and have a radiant atmosphere wherever we go!!

  1. 1.PROTECT YOUR VOICE: Do your part to keep the group noise level appropriate. Do not be noisy on a plane, bus or ferry, or when swimming. Generally keep a very low level of talking while traveling. Preserve voices with limited singing on the bus. Don’t try to be heard over the road noise in order to protect your voice for performances. Help support your friends in this way as well.
  2.  CHAPERONES & SINGERS: Be punctual. The precise timing of the tour or event trip is important. The schedule depends on everyone being at the right place at the right time. All times mean what they say so please be early if possible.
  3.  UNIFORMS: Dress – attire while traveling is required. Keep hair styles out of your face and long hair up to stay cool. DAILY UNIFORM CODES must be followed. Kairos caps must be worn for sun protection when requested.
  4.  SAFETY FIRST:  Stay with your chaperone group or partners at all times. Even on occasions where there is free time, never leave the group without permission. Always check in with one of your chaperones for permission, and always go places in groups of two or more.
  5.  ATTITUDE – consider yourself a representative of Kairos Youth Choir while on tour. Your attitude should always be respectful and mindful of the privilege of being able to participate in this experience. A professional and positive attitude is expected of all members of the group. Attentive listening to leadership team is expected. While being given information by tour guides, eyes on person speaking, save socializing for later.
  6.  No electronic devices of any kind are permitted except for cameras (no phones).No caffeine, coke or sodas allowed on tour/ No gum chewing. No alcoholic beverages permitted.
  7.  MANAGE YOUR STUFF: Keep track of all your belongings, especially your concert dress. Take care not to leave anything behind – Do ROOM/ CHANGING ROOM CHECKS with your choir friends before leaving.
  8.  ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: Be courteous to drivers, tour staff, attendants- thank them often.
  9.  LEAVE THINGS MORE BEAUTIFUL: Clean up after yourself wherever you are.
  10.  PERFORMING ARTISTRY: Every concert is important. Remember that each time we sing, it is the first time a particular audience has heard our program. Each concert should be as if it were the one and only. Stand tall, be excited, involved, intense, and SMILE! BE AN ARTIST!

10.3 Conflict Resolution Process Choir members whose behavior violates the code of conduct or rehearsal rules are subject to dismissal from the choir, with or without prior warning, at the sole discretion of Kairos. Nonetheless, our practice, whenever possible, is to encourage resolution between choir members, facilitated by an adult in charge. Warnings will be issued whenever possible. Complaints about inappropriate behavior on the part of a choir member should be brought to the attention of the Musical Directors, who will determine the best path forward based on the circumstances. When appropriate, the behavior will be brought to the attention of the member’s parents.  We recognize our children are at a formative time in their development and that there are many opportunities to learn life-lessons. Respectful adherence to rules that enhance musical development are expected and required.

11. Kairos Communication, Staff & Board

11.1 Newsletter
Once enrolled, each family is automatically signed up for the choir’s weekly newsletter. The newsletter contains all the pertinent information for the week, as well as a schematic of the future events. Please read the information on a weekly basis. Not reading the information will not be considered an excuse for missing important announcements, such as uniform requirements, missed rehearsals, or other choir needs that involve parents and families.
11.2 Monthly Community Meeting
Unless otherwise announced, Community meetings are offered every second Thursday of the month from 6:15 to 6:30 PM. It is expected that one member of the family takes part in these meetings. If unable to attend, please be sure to alert Admin Director of your need for absence.
11.3 Emails and Calls
Prompt response to emails and calls allows the choir to manage performance commitments and important activities with success. If you receive a communication outside of regular newsletter emails, please read and follow the instructions, as, most likely, it  involves your child!
11.4 Calendar
Families are encouraged to subscribe to our calendar every semester and to add it to their own calendar service in order to be up-to-date on all events or changes to scheduled events.
11.5 Choir Staff
Our staff includes the Founding Artistic Director & Conductor, the Pianist-Composer for Aphaia and Agape, the Avghie and Anthos Chorus Conductor,  the Accompanist for the Avghie and Anthos Chorus, the Administrative Director, the Communications Manager, and a Kairos alum who serves as the Public Relations and Marketing Assistant. Each year we invite a number of Kairos alumni to join the staff as student musical assistants and camp counselors.

11.6 Board of Directors
Kairos being a relatively new 501c(3) continues to form its Board of Directors. We have been proud to have wonderful leadership here and look forward to many more years with dedicated Board teams. The Board meets quarterly. Passionate and interested members who would like to serve please notify a member. The Board roster is posted on the Kairos website.

12. The Role of Kairos Singer Parents
12.1 Volunteer Requirements Tuition covers only a fraction of the choir’s costs. To keep tuition at its current level, each family is required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours, provide equivalent services, or contribute $100. Volunteer opportunities will be announced at the beginning of the year and as they arise during the year. Parents/guardians will receive an email with a sign-up link. Kairos will occasionally ask parents to check the options again as needs arise. We value the time and expertise of our parent community and we treasure our relationships with parents along with our singers!

Please choose tasks with which you are comfortable, based on your particular interests and skills. If you volunteer for activities on certain dates or with specific deadlines, please be sure that you will be able to honor those commitments. If you can offer assistance in ways that are not on our lists, please let us know. Here is a partial list of volunteer jobs:

• Volunteer Coordinator
• Rehearsal Parent Coordinator
• Bake sale coordinator (winter/ spring musicals)
• Fundraising Coordinator (and assistant)
• Special Event Volunteers (planning, preparations, event staff)
• Flyer or Poster PR Distribution
• Retreat Chaperones (4) to River’s Bend
• Drivers to Retreat/ events out of town
• Concert Help Load and Unload Concert Equipment
• Backstage (set up and take down chairs and stands, risers)
• Musicals: Set-up of Props & Sets
• Box office Sales – Ticket takers & Ushers
• Graphic Design for posters and concert flyers
• Photographer
• Program ad sales coordinator
• Administrative Support (varies)
• Website and social media editing, assist with posting updates and schedules
• Uniform Standards Volunteers – Over-see the ensemble for visual unity;
carry the extra uniform items.

12.2 Fundraising Obligation
Kairos relies on fundraising to provide for important costs of our program. It is our goal that this money not come directly from the families, but from outside parent/student contacts. We ask every family to fundraise a minimum of $300 for each student, each year. (This amount is separate from the optional Volunteer Buy-Out of $100.) There are many ways families can raise this amount! Families may sell performance tickets to friends, family, and extended community or participate in our choir’s fundraisers throughout the year, or do an independent fundraiser for the choir. Each family is encouraged to sell AT LEAST 5 (five) tickets to each of our performances. If a family cannot fulfill this requirement through fundraising, they may contribute $300 per student in lieu of the above activities.

13  Kairos Youth Choir – Tuition & Fees 2022-2023

Full Year Program 2023 -2024 Full time Once per week
Yearly Tuition - includes 4 hours instruction per week, music history & theory, concert participation, vocal coaching, extra rehearsals when needed, materials fees, first KairosTshirt, etc $2250$2000
Payment options
Fall Semester Participation only (4 months of program) by Sept 19th $1000$800
Spring Semester Participation only(5 months of program) by Jan 16th $1250$1000
Monthly payment by the 10th of each month $250$200
Sibling discount is 10% off tuition for the second child enrolled
Full Payment discount for full year tuition 5%
Costume fees / Uniform Fee
Choir teal T-shirt - if first was lost $20
Uniform rental (must be returned after graduating to new singing group)$60
Avghie Choir sweatshirt $30
Avghie Choir White Polo Shirt ( Available for full choir as well) $20
Anthos, Aphaia, and Agape Choruses: Concert Tuxedo Shirt & Vest $75
Aphaia & Agape Concert Formal Dress (Female gender) $60
Musical Theater Costume Fee (if needed)$20
Administrative fees
Late payment fee (for monthly payments - after 15th; for semester - after the second week of choir)

Monthly payments are due from September to December for Fall semester and January to May (including) for Spring Semester.
If opting for a month to month charge, tuition is due by 10 of each month.

13.1 Tuition Includes: 

  • All training and education provided through rehearsals 
  • Participation in all Kairos performances
  • Fall Retreat & weekend activities/rehearsals
  • Guidance and individual / small group coaching
  • Kairos teal t-shirt
  • Music, choir folder & music tote bag

13.2 Additional Fees:

  • Costumes and uniforms
  • Transportation to and from performances, tours, retreats
  • Tour participation tuition or overnight spring retreat partial tuition 

13.3 Late Payment Fee
A fee of $50 will be applied to all late payments. The charge applies if no payment has been recorded after the due date. For monthly payments, due-date is the 10th of the month. For semester payments, late payment is after the second week of choir. The late payment fee applies to other expenses as well – uniform/ costume, tour, volunteer hours, fundraising remaining funds.

13.4 Tuition Scholarships (Financial Aid)
Kairos philosophy is that no qualified student will be turned away due to financial need. To that end, the choir makes available a limited number of need-based scholarships, based on request of individual families.  Scholarships are awarded each season on the basis of demonstrated financial, by the discretion of the Kairos Scholarship Committee. A new scholarship application must be submitted for each season in which financial assistance is sought. 

13.5 Sibling Discount

If a Kairos family has more than one student enrolled in the choir in a given season, the second student’s enrollment is discounted 10% off the tuition. If the tuition of the second child has already been reduced for early payment, the sibling discount is applied to the discounted tuition. Students who receive Financial Aid will not benefit from Sibling Discounts.

13.6 Tuition Refund Policy Once a student has registered and committed to the Kairos program year, tuition is not refundable if the student withdraws voluntarily or is dismissed due to violations of the membership agreement.

13.7 Questions or Comments The Kairos staff and Board of Directors look forward to a fabulous season. We are here to answer your questions and to listen to your comments and concerns. For administrative requests, please feel free to contact the Administrative Director (Kairoschoir@gmail.com), logistics, scheduling and event details our Communications Manager evy@kairosmusicacademy.org and for artistic, educational and programmatic questions, please email the Music Director (laura@kairosmusicacademy.org),

14. Your child’s enrollment in the program is dependent upon each singer’s parents signing and respecting the rules expressed in this handbook.
Please sign and return the last page of this handbook to a member of the staff.

Parent Agreements

As the Parent/Guardian of a Kairos Singer, I/we agree to:

  • Ensure my child arrives promptly to all rehearsals and performances
  • Arrange to have my child picked up promptly at the end of rehearsals and performances
  • Notify Kairos by email before 4 p.m. on the day of rehearsal if my child will be late or absent due to illness or emergency. I will call or text to report an absence after 4 p.m.
  • Request absence excusals at least three weeks in advance in cases of allowed conflicts, and at least four weeks in advance of vacations. I understand that failure to request absence excusals with adequate notice may result in unexcused absences
  • Notify Music Director/Conductor and Admin Director in writing no later than the 4th rehearsal of a set if my child must miss a concert
  • Check the website frequently for schedule updates and respond as requested to emails
  • Provide a current email address which may be included in Kairos group communications
  • Pay all tuition and fees on time, or make special arrangements with Kairos
  • Volunteer a minimum of 10 hours (per family) of my time to help Kairos offset the cost of the program; in lieu of volunteer hours, I promise to donate $100 to Kairos
  • Help my child fundraise at least $300 through season ticket sales, Sing-A-Thon, and/or fundraising campaigns and donate the remainder if $300 is not reached.
  • Ensure my child’s concert attire is clean and appropriate for all performances
  • Bring audience, in addition to my immediate family, to performances


  • I understand that I am required to have accidental medical coverage for my child, and I verify that the information I will provide on the medical registration form is accurate and true. I understand and agree that if I do not have accidental medical coverage for my child, I will be financially responsible for all charges and fees incurred in the rendering of said treatment.
  • I understand that at the discretion of Kairos my child may be dismissed from the Kairos program, without refund, for inappropriate behavior.
  • I authorize Kairos use of photographs and audio and video recordings of my child for promotional and other business purposes.
  • I have read and understand all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement as set forth above, and I agree to same.
  • I understand it is important for all Kairos members who are deemed ready (musically and emotionally) to tour, and I agree that my child will participate in a tour year or discuss with staff my options.
  • Acknowledgment of Understanding of Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity: I have read the Agreement entitled “Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity,” attached to the back of this document, fully understand its terms, and understand that I am giving up substantial rights, including my/our right to sue for injuries or damages which are the subject of said Agreement. I specifically acknowledge that I am waiving Section 1542 of the California Civil Code. I further acknowledge that I am signing this Agreement freely and voluntarily, and intend by my signature to effect a complete and unconditional release of liability to the greatest extent allowed by law for injuries or damages which are the subject of said Agreement.
  • I have read the member handbook.

14.1 Commitment

I/We, the parent(s)/guardian(s) of support his/her membership in the Kairos Youth Choir and will help him/her to meet all obligations and responsibilities therein. I/we will complete my/our 10 volunteer hours or donate $100 as well as generate or contribute a minimum of $300 through ticket sales and/or fundraising efforts.

Parent/Guardian Name(s):

Parent/Guardian Name(s):


By signing the 2022-23 Membership Agreement on the previous page, you agree to waive and release any claim you or your child may have against the Kairos Music Academy, and to indemnify, release, hold harmless, and forever discharge Kairos Music Academy and its officers, directors, affiliates, employees, agents, independent contractors, and other representatives (referred to collectively as “KMA Releasees”) from any and all claims that you or your child had, may now have, or will have, of loss, liabilities, demands, causes of actions, damage, costs or expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising out of my and my child’s participation in KMA for the 2022-23 season relating to any injury, accident, death, damage, delay, scheduling conflict, inconvenience, upset, disappointment, distress or frustration, loss of property, or other liability, regardless of the cause or of any acts relating to said cause. Further, by signing the 2022-23 Membership Agreement on the previous page, you acknowledge that you and your child assume any and all risks related to such participation in KMA and its activities. You also agree to hold the KMA Releases harmless from any and all expenses, demands, or claims of any nature or kind arising from or in any way associated with you or your child’s participation in KMA and its activities, including demands for payment of attorneys’ fees. You acknowledge that you have read Section 1542 of the California Civil Code below and waive application of this provision to the maximum extent permissible by law: SECTION 1542. GENERAL RELEASE. A GENERAL RELEASE DOES NOT EXTEND TO CLAIMS WHICH THE CREDITOR DOES NOT KNOW OR SUSPECT TO EXIST IN HIS FAVOR AT THE TIME OF EXECUTING THE RELEASE, WHICH IF KNOWN BY HIM MUST HAVE MATERIALLY AFFECTED HIS SETTLEMENT WITH THE DEBTOR. This waiver of liability, assumption of risk and indemnity agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California, exclusive of its conflict of laws provisions.

The information in this handbook is accurate as of September 20st, 2022 and supersedes all earlier communications.