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Kairos FAQ
Kairos FAQ
Q: When does the choir rehearse?

A: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 – 6:30 PM.

Q: Is there a once a week option?

A: Students in the Avghie (Greek for “sunrise”, our beginning group) & Anthos (Greek for “blossom” our middle) Choir  may elect to sign up for a once a week option. Our staff recommends twice a week for more refined musical development, but we also recognize some students may not wish to make that commitment at first. If your child is entering in Aphaia and you feel he or she can only attend once a week, we are happy to discuss this with you, with the understanding that in the 2-3 weeks leading up to performances, twice a week attendance will be required. For members of the Agape chorus attendance twice a week is mandatory.

Q: Two times a week is a big commitment. Won’t my child be tired after school?

A: Most of our families actually report that singing in Kairos promotes many things including relaxation, emotional wellbeing and the stimulation of creativity. Most say that the experience is feeling as though you’ve been given a burst of energy to go into the evening, finish homework and/or to feel rested for school the next day.

 Q: Where do rehearsals take place?

A: The choir rehearses at 1953 Hopkins Street, in the beautiful and welcoming Sanctuary of Epworth Church.

Q:  What are the fees for joining? Are there scholarships available?

A: Kairos provides weekly lessons in vocal exploration and ear training, music theory, movement and games, and several weekend retreats throughout the year. The fees for our music education program is comparable to similar choral arts programs in the Bay Area. We maintain a policy of “no one is ever turned away for lack of funds,“ and work closely with families to make our program affordable. To learn more about Kairos Scholarships and Financial Aid, please email us at kairoschoir@gmail.com.

 Q: When does the choir perform?

A: Kairos Music Academy produces two major performances per year; a holiday concert in December, a musical or opera in the Spring, and two “Works in Progress” Concerts, one in each semester. In the Fall the upper choirs (Aphaia & Agape) usually also perform in the comprehensive Holiday concert at the Ascension Cathedral in Oakland, and at one or two galas. In the Spring we often produce our own musical theater or opera for the upper choirs, made and adapted with appropriate literature for children, and with music we feel will support their vocal development and evolution as young artists. The younger choirs will perform a “prelude performance” of a short selection of songs at the start of these shows, and they usually have their own short play a bit later in the Spring semester, at our rehearsal location. In March, the upper choirs might be invited to sing at the Junior Bach Festival, and in May or June might perform the National Anthem at a game together with members of the Anthos chorus. This year for the first time the younger choirs performed at a nursing home in the community and we are planning to continue doing this.

Q: What if my child doesn’t know anyone? Will they be welcomed?

A: We are pleased to report that the friendships formed while members have been a part of Kairos have been among the most enduring, with the quality of supportive connection and a life-long affinity. Parents have said that there is something about music making in the non-competitive atmosphere nurtured by this choir that helps the magic happen.

 Q:  What other things can I hope my child will “get” from singing with this choir?

A: For every member the answer is different, but in Kairos we have an intentional focus on healthy and positive communication, fun and play, high level artistic development yet in the context of the whole person. Our hope is that choir members continue to on a life long celebration of music and the creative process.

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Kairos FAQ