Our Choral Program

The Choruses of Kairos Youth Choir

The Avghie Chorus

Avghie: Greek;  meaning “Sunrise”

For newly developing choristers; emphasis is on singing techniques and foundations of music theory.

The Anthos Chorus

Anthos: Greek;  meaning “Blossom”

For the advanced beginning choristers with some musical background, and those entering the choir at the 4th through 6th grades; emphasis is on furthering development of music theory and singing techniques, beginning multi-part singing, and enhancing performance skills.

The Aphaia Chorus

Aphaia: Greek; the Goddess of Light

For intermediate and advanced choristers; emphasis is on furthering vocal development, part-singing, music theory, and music history.

The Agape Chorus

Agape: Greek for “Love”

For advanced choristers deepening love of music, teamwork, friendship and quality singing bringing all of the elements together.

“Rehearsal has ended, so now we must part.
Farewell, Lovely singers, farewell from the heart.
Our songs we have shared here will help us to know,
With Love we shall journey and forever grow.
The Spirit of Kairos, forever, live on!
Together we circle the Earth with song.”

from the “Kairos Farewell Song”, words by L. Kakis Serper

Kairos boys following a performance with Rockstar legend Nick Cave