Fall Semester Only Thrive Zoom only, Tuesdays Live Only - Thursdays Live and Thrive (Tue and Thurs)
** Costumes will be billed once concerts and perormances will be scheduled again
Semester tuition: 4 months. Includes three "Strive" Nature Music Retreats. $500*$600$700*

Payment options
Monthly payment by the 10th of each month $130 $150$180

Sibling discount is 10% off tuition for the second child enrolled
Recommendation credit - $50 for every new singer enrolled based on your recommendation
Concert Uniform / Costume Fees**
Choir Teal T-shirt - Needed for Fall Semester 'Concerts' $20
Avghie Chorus Sweatshirt ** $30
Avghie Chorus White Polo Shirt ( Available for full choir as well) * $20
Anthos, Aphaia, and Agape Choruses: Concert Tuxedo Shirt & Vest ** $75
Aphaia & Agape Concert Formal Dress (Female gender) ** $60
Musical Theatre Costume Fee (If Needed) $20
Administrative fees
Late payment fee (for monthly payments - after 15th; for semester - after the second week of choir)
* Discount availabe if paid in full by the end of September

Payments can be made by check or Paypal (kairoschoir@gmail.com)
If using Paypal, please make sure to initiate payment to friends or family.